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Prince of Tears (2009)

Prince of Tears

Aka: Lei Wang Zi
Directed: Yonfan
Genre: Drama, Romance, War
Year: 2009
Runtime: 123 min.
Country: Hong Kong, Taiwan
Cast: Wing Fan, Terri Kwan, Joseph Chang, Kenneth Tsang, Jack Kao


In 1950s Taiwan, during the period known as White Terror, when an anti-Communist campaign swept the island and in a hysteria reigned. On one autumn afternoon, two young sisters return from school to find their once-happy home ransacked by military police and their parents arrested and accused of being Communist spies. The film follows a quartet of characters-the dashing air force officer father, his beautiful devoted wife, a mysterious scar-faced bureaucrat and a general’s glamorous wife. Their lives and loves intertwine until everything erupts in a rhapsody. Amid life in that turbulent era, friendship, passion, high-minded ideals and dignity are all put on trial in the courtroom of human desire.