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L-O-V-E (2009)

Love Movie

Aka: Ai dao di
Year: 2009
Directed: Yi-xian Chen | Vincent Fang
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Short
Runtime: 01:32:45
Country: Taiwan
Cast: Bo-lin Chen, Tammy Chen, Van Fan, Yue-Lin Ko, Annie Liu, Alice Tzeng, Chie Tanaka

Synopsis / Plot

“L-O-V-E” contains four short films centered around love.

Determined to look after his girlfriend if he dies on the operating table, the terminally ill Van Fan searches for a man who has exactly the same voice as he has to take his place.

Blue Lan, a reticent music video director, re-encounters old flame Annie Liu and realizes a car accident has erased her memories of their love.

Movie stuntman Ethan Ruan dashes out the door after a lover’s spat with his flight attendant girlfriend, Alice Tzeng.

Plain homebody Tracy Chou turns to a fortune-teller for love advice, who tells her she’ll meet six guys sporting bangs with the last being Mr Right.



Brotherhood of Legio (2009)

Brotherhood of Legio

AKA: Shen Xuan Zhe | Legion X
Year: 2009
Directed: Soap Shiao Li-Shiou
Genre: Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Runtime: 01:26:46
Country:  Taiwan
Cast: Bo-lin Chen, Ethan Ruan Jing-Tian, Terri Kwan, Cheng-Lung Lan, Jay Shih Yuan-Chieh, Akio Chen Mu-Yi

Synopsis / Plot

A person’s birth is influenced by time, location, and the alignment of the earth’s magnetic fields. Because of these factors, there are those who have a unique resonance with their magnetic power. These humans were named the Chosen People. In the West, since the days of the Roman Empire, the Chosen people joined together to form the Brotherhood of Legio. Ever since, they have played a significant role in history. In 2006, the Chosen people made their quiet entrance intoTaiwan , in search of new blood… A cold-blooded rebel, Xiao Lan, killed her entire family for the sake of an internet love affair. Ah Jian is a hot-blooded young man, and a paraplegic. Zhong Dao, is haunted by the violent death of his younger sister. Ren Fang is an energetic and passionate assistant professor, living with terminal illness. And then there’s the beautiful news anchor, Ya Zhu. They were all just ordinary individuals living in Taipei City, until the appearance of the Brotherhood of Legio. Faced by the Chosen people, the group of Taiwanese are forced to undertake their challenging test. So begins the intertwining of their fates, and the irreversible change of their lives…


Prince of Tears (2009)

Prince of Tears

Aka: Lei Wang Zi
Directed: Yonfan
Genre: Drama, Romance, War
Year: 2009
Runtime: 123 min.
Country: Hong Kong, Taiwan
Cast: Wing Fan, Terri Kwan, Joseph Chang, Kenneth Tsang, Jack Kao


In 1950s Taiwan, during the period known as White Terror, when an anti-Communist campaign swept the island and in a hysteria reigned. On one autumn afternoon, two young sisters return from school to find their once-happy home ransacked by military police and their parents arrested and accused of being Communist spies. The film follows a quartet of characters-the dashing air force officer father, his beautiful devoted wife, a mysterious scar-faced bureaucrat and a general’s glamorous wife. Their lives and loves intertwine until everything erupts in a rhapsody. Amid life in that turbulent era, friendship, passion, high-minded ideals and dignity are all put on trial in the courtroom of human desire.