New Release Information

Musik / Variety Show Korea
Shinhwa Broadcast with Super Junior (DVD)
Weekly Idol Super Junior Part 2 (DVD)
Kara 1st Japan Tour (DVD)
Miss A Beatles Code (DVD)
Teen Top on sstp (DVD)
Asia Pop Festival in HK (DVD)
Exo-K Sina Live (DVD)
2NE1 Ontama Carnival (DVD)
MBLAQ All The K-POP Capta (DVD)
Boom’s Youngstreet BAP (DVD)
Big Bang “Alive” Album Talk (DVD)
Exo-M MTV JKPOP Music Graze (DVD)
Korean Music Wave Seoul 2012 (DVD)
Yakult Look SNSD (DVD)

Serial Jepang
Rich Man, Poor Woman (DVD)

Serial Korea
Golden Time (DVD)

Serial Mandarin
La La, I Do (DVD)

Serial Silat / Kuno Mandarin
Under der Linden (DVD)
Republic of Allies and Enemies Recorded (DVD)

Serial Korea
Haeundae Lovers (9-16) (DVD)
Haeundae Lovers (DVD)
Ma Boy (DVD)

Serial Barat
The Real L Word The Complete Third Season (DVD)
Wilfred The Complete Second Season (DVD)
The L.A. Complex The Complete Second Season (DVD)
MasterChef Australia The Complete First Season (DVD)
The Adventures of Sinbad The Complete First Season (DVD)

Film Thailand
Art Idol (DVD)
Kon Khon (DVD)

Film Mandarin
Bad Girls (DVD)

Film Barat
2016: Obama’s America (DVD)
General Education (DVD)
The Letter (2012) (DVD)
The Giant Mechanical Man (DVD)
Moonrise Kingdom (DVD)
A Separation (DVD)
The Barrens (DVD)
FDR: American Badass! (DVD)
The Expatriate (DVD)
Cowgirls n’ Angels (DVD)
Golden Winter (DVD)
Vampire Dog (DVD)
Rock of Ages (DVD)

Film Animasi Barat
The Magic Crystal (DVD)

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