New Release Information

Film Barat
She Wants Me (DVD)
The Five-Year Engagement (DVD)
I Heart Shakey (DVD)
Attack of the 50ft Cheerleader (DVD)
Allez, Eddy! (DVD)
A Thousand Words (DVD)
Texas Killing Fields (DVD)
I’m Not Jesus Mommy (DVD)
Lovely Molly (DVD)
Midnight Son (DVD)
Atrocious (DVD)
About Cherry (DVD)
Airborne (DVD)
Eddie: The Sleepwalking Cannibal (DVD)
Darling Companion (DVD)
Generation Um… (DVD)
Tonight You’re Mine (DVD)
Radio Rebel (DVD)
High School (DVD)
I Am Gabriel (DVD)
Bad Karma (DVD)
Night of the Templar (DVD)
Recreator (DVD)
Think Like a Man (DVD)
Blood Money (DVD)

Film Jepang
Mote Joki (DVD)

Film Mandarin
The Silent War (DVD)
The Lion Roars 2 (DVD)

Film Korea
A Millionaire On The Run (DVD)

Musik / Variety Show Korea
Asia Song Festival 2012 (DVD)
Exo-M Tudou (DVD)

Serial Barat
Femme Fatales The Complete Second Season (DVD)
The Real Housewives of Beverly H The Complete Second Season(DVD)
The Newsroom The Complete First Season (DVD)
World’s Worst Tenants The Complete First Season (DVD)

Film Thailand
Home (Kwamrak Kwamsuk Kwam Songjam) (DVD)

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