Short of Love (2009)

Short of Love

AKA: Ngai chai dor ching
Year : 2009
Country : Hong Kong
Film Genre : Comedy | Romance
Director : James Yuen
Cast : Wong Cho-lam, Kate Tsui, Race Wong, J.J. Jia, Angela Baby, Chrissie Chow


Wong Chi Kit (Wong Cho Lam) is a successful stock trader in Hong Kong and enjoys his life on good food and luxury items. After the economic recession his fortune decreases and his materialistic girlfriend Lily (Chrissie Chow) breaks up with him, thinking he has no money left. After this painful breakup he decides to look for normal girl who is not materialistic like Lily.

The first girl he meet are sisters Christy (Race Wong), a ballet dance instructor and Christine (Race Wong) who is a private dancer. Next he pretends to be blind in order to attract a spa masseuse Caca (J.J. Jia). His final stop is Sandy (Kate Tsui), who is involved in a triad gang. Along the way he also meets Angel (Angelababy) who is his love adviser. Now with so many girls to choose from he must select only one to be his new girlfriend. The question now who’s the lucky girl?


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