Poker King (2009)

Poker King

aka: Pou Hark Wong
Year: 2009
Directed: Chan Hing-Kai, Janet Chun
Genre: Comedy, Gambling
Runtime: 02:01:45
Country: Hong Kong
Cast: Lau Ching-Wan, Louis Koo, Stephy Tang, Cherrie Ying, Josie Ho

Synopsis / Plot

Zhang Ren Jie (Louis Koo) is the heir of a casino in Macau but since he is not interested to take over the gambling business he decides to leave for Canada, prompting the casino manager Zhuo Yi (Lau Ching Wan) to persuade him to come back.Zhang’s only interest is with online poker and Zhuo Yi performs well as the casino manager and is due to take over as the new owner under the late Zhang’s father decision as he has no confidence under Zhang’s lack of interest in casino business operations and poor skills in public relations.Upon hearing the decision the angry Zhang leaves the casino and meet up with Xiao Rong (Stephy Tang) who gives him luck to win and later cooperates with Miss Kwan (Josie Ho) to participate in a poker king tournament.In his earlier days Zhang always lost in gambling but now he has completely changed and is prepared to face Zhuo Yi in a real poker tournament. He wants to settle old scores between the two and to get back what his father had left behind in the gambling industry.Now, facing in the final is both Zhang Ren Jie and Zhuo Yi. Who will become the real poker king?


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