Love Connected (2009)

Love Connected

aka: Bo Chi Oi Nei
Year: 2009
Directed: Patrick Kong
Genre: Romance
Runtime: 01:35:09
Country: Hong Kong
Cast: Stephy Tang, Justin Lo, Kay Tse, Joey Leung, Sammy, Miki Yeung, Chelsea Tong, Terry Wu

Synopsis / Plot

“Love Connected” is about 5 love stories of 14 men and women that happened on Valentine’s Day.

1. On Valentine’s Day, the love probation period of Fung (Wu Ching Lam) ended, will he be able to get his dream girl Kei (Chelsea Tong)?

2. Wei (Justin Lo) is a singer who worked in a shopping mall, will he be able to end up with Bao (Stephy Tang) who worked in a flower shop in the mall?

3. A puzzling fantasy love story happened to computer geeks Long and Hu (I Love You Boyz), who met 1-day-lover Small Goldfish (Miki Yeung) on the Internet.

4. Zhu (Joey Leung) and Fang’s (Kay Tse) 7 years relationship is on the rocks, will this Valentine’s Day dinner be their last?

5. Fei (Sammy Leung) is a playboy who plans to date his 3 girlfriends on Valentine’s Day, but will dream differ from reality?


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