Detectives In 40 Minutes Aka 4th Period Mystery (2009)

4th Period Mystery

Aka: 4Gyosi Churi Yeongyeok, Detectives In 40 Minutes, 4th Period Murder Mystery
Year: 2009
Directed: Lee Sang-yong
Genre: Thriller, Mistery
Runtime: 01:26:26
Country: South Korea
Cast: Yoo Seung-ho, Kang So-ra, Jo Sang-geun, Jeon Joon-hong, Jeong Seok-yong, Park Cheol-min


During fourth period, high schooler Da-jeong finds his classmate Tae-gyu dead in a classroom and Jeong-hun standing in front of him with blood on his clothes. In order to stop Jeong-hun from becoming the prime suspect, Da-jeong must help him find the real murderer, who is still inside the school building, under 40 minutes before period four ends.


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  1. sist..
    brapaan ni?

      • redbeauty888
      • April 1st, 2010

      dvd 1 keping 5000 bos. tq

  2. bgus gg gmbar nya?

      • redbeauty888
      • April 3rd, 2010

      kualitas dvd bajakan bos. tq

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